Each adult patient (ages 18 years and older) is assigned a primary care physician. The physicians are committed to treating the whole person through scheduled well exams, life style education and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses. Your physician, along with licensed resident physicians, provide the highest quality health care and the latest in health care knowledge and techniques.

Adult Medicine at NHSC includes:

  • Physicals
  • Geriatric Care
  • Employment Examinations 
  • Screenings 
  • Treatment of acute & chronic illnesses 
  • Care of hospitalized patients 
  • Case management of chronic illnesses 
  • Adult immunizations 
  • Patient education 
  • HIV counseling, testing and treatment 
  • Nutrition & weight loss programs 
  • Referrals for diagnostic testing and specialty care

Adult Health Maintenance Schedule
Periodic Medical Visits

Up-to-date Immunization

  • dT
  • Pneumovax
  • MMR
  • Hepatitis B
  • Varicella
  • Influenza

Referral for colorectal and breast cancer screening
Screening for prostate and cervical cancer
Cholesterol and Cardiac Risk Assessment
Diet and life style counseling

Appointments and Information
Call 908.753.6401, extension 1301